March 1, 2014


Sometimes I look at things I “enjoy”—fancy rosemary-infused biscuits, spoons carved by hand from the reclaimed wood of an ancient barn, or some other ridiculous, refurbished, locally sourced something-or-other one could only find in Brooklyn—and I think, “I love you, you precious little dry good*, but wow you’re pretentious.”

*Pretentious things are almost always referred to as “dry goods.”

Living in certain neighborhoods of Brooklyn sometimes feels like existing within The Emperor’s New Clothes, where everyone goes along with the dry goods’ hostile takeover for fear of looking uncool.

I was flipping through a few of my cookbooks this morning when I landed on the above spread in the (gorgeous) Kinfolk cookbook. It’s a tricky thing. I admire Kinfolk, yet it has a tendency to make me feel comparatively lousy. The photos are beautiful, the people are cool and attractive, and they’re often featured in their amazing homes with their adorable babies, leading overly-curated, photogenic lives. It kind of hurts my heart.

This morning, though, I had a moment of clarity: THESE PEOPLE ARE POSING IN A TREE.

Who poses in a tree??? (And looks depressed about it?)

The emperor is naked. But sometimes, I love it.

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  • Was just looking through your blog and I love it! Thank you for being a real person. This post especially really made me laugh. Can’t wait to follow.

  • As a regular Cup of Jo reader, I just discovered you have a blog of your own and I LOVE it. Keep on doing what you’re doing- the blogosphere needs more imperfection and irreverence. Also, this post made me think of Unhappy Hipsters, do you know it?

    • April has said everything I wanted to comment-from Cup of Jo and how I like your blog right up to unhappy hipsters. 😉

  • Just found this and I’m like, “Finally someone else gets it!!!!” I also admire what Kinfolk does and the magazine is beautiful…but where do they find these people?

  • Like many others, I was introduced to you through Cup of Jo. And similarly, am in love with your blog and your writing. It’s so … unpretentious. Please, please, please, keep it coming. And thank you.

  • I agree! Just loving your work right now.

  • Hi. I just want to say that your blog posts are so smart and interesting and hilarious and refreshing! Thank you so much for thinking critically and being honest and thoughtful and bold yet relatable. I hope my praise isn’t coming across as excessive/creepy, I am just really genuinely excited by your writing! I a frequent blog reader so I feel somehow qualified (haha) to say that what you’ve got going on here is so good and unique! I will be telling all my friends about it immediately! 🙂 I’m sorry that I just discovered your personal blog, but on the other hand I’m not sorry because it feels like Christmas to have so many past posts to go through. 🙂 Keep it up, you are so talented and relevant!