Onward and Upward… and Stuff

January 6, 2015


Every January, I start to believe in magic.

I don’t do resolutions. (They’re too easy to fail at; I much prefer the idea of “subtle but powerful changes” that take root over time…) But I love new beginnings.

How liberating is the idea of marking the passage of time by deciding, on whatever level you choose, to start over again? When the sky is grey and the days are just beginning to grow longer, there is something inherently magical about lighting a candle and deciding exactly where you’d like the year to go.

One year ago, I wrote my very first post on this here site. At the time, I felt like something was missing. There were plenty of blogs that I loved to read, but there wasn’t anything that spoke directly to me—to my hopes and fears, my interests, to where I was in my life.

Connecting with you over the last year has felt like a tremendous gift. And while I’ve loved sharing on a personal level, the truth is I never intended for this site to be all about me. I want it to speak to my life, yes, but also to your life. I want this space to chronicle not just what challenges I happen to be facing, but the ideas, inspirations, stories and people that unite us in our flawed, messy existence.

So in this brand new month of this brand new year, I’d love to hear: What do you feel is lacking in the blogosphere? What have been your favorite things to read about? What would you love to see more of?*

(*Besides just “more posts” because, yes, I know I’ve been on hiatus for a while now.)

You can leave your thoughts in the comments below, or if you’re the shy type, send me an email! (helloimflawed at gmail dot com)

Happy New Year, friends! Sending you lots of love, wherever you are.

Update: THANK YOU so much for your comments and e-mails. I’ve been floored by your amazing feedback and ideas, and feel so grateful to have this wonderful community.

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  • Hi Caroline,

    I started following your blog when you started with Cup of Jo. I just wanted to say I love your blog so much and it’s one of my favorites. I would love to see more posts about what you’re reading and the whole dating thing… I also love hearing people’s music recommendations. Xo and happy New Year!

  • I love reading about homes and apartments – how to make them your own. I also would love to see more posts about balancing young and old. I feel like many people reach a point in their mid to late 20s and early 30s when it becomes this weird blurred line of being an adult officially but also still wanting to live a young life. Also I don’t know makeup at all, so any makeup tips I cherish :).

    Thank you for your wisdom!!
    Happy new year!

    • Agree with Katie–reading list recos, and especially the part about balancing young and old. I’m 32 and at such a limbo place in my life–everyone else getting married and having kids and buying houses and I’m still living in a tiny apartment with my boyfriend… such an in-between time. I don’t see many people addressing this on the blogosphere!

  • Hi Caroline!
    I love your blog and the concept behind it. I would say more posts about relationships – and if you’re ready, your breakup.. I just went through one myself, and would love to hear ways to cope. Sending love.

  • Franziska,

    Hi Caroline,

    wohoo you’re back! Hapy New Year 🙂 First of all, I have to say that I do like reading the content you usually share on this blog, just to make that clear. What I feel is missing from the world wide web of blogs is pretty much the day-to-day stuff & struggles. I don’t want to see any more polished outfits/recipes or make-up tutorials. So, I think it could be great if you could share the day to day things, the little ones, which we can all relate to. A personal example from my life would be that I always the the food bloggers post and I’m wondering: aren’t they still hungry after eating this? What do “normal” people like me eat? This might sound super silly so I guess it’s best if you just continue to blog about what you normally do. Cause that’s awesome!

  • Just put pictures of your adorable little dog and I’ll be a happy reader 🙂 But seriously, you have such a great way of narrating life that makes it enjoyable for me to read about almost anything. Might not be the most useful answer to your questions, but at least it’s honest. Take care and Happy New Year! x

  • Hi Caroline,

    I agree with some of the others in that I would love to see more about how you handle everyday situations/struggles. I read enough blogs where the author seems to have a perfect life/job/husband/etc. I also just went through a really hard breakup and am interested in hearing what you are doing to move on. I’m so glad I found you via Cup of Jo!

  • hi caroline!
    i don’t really have any suggestions, but i wanted to drop a line anyway.
    i actually find you have a pretty nice balance between personal posts and just fun, hip, useful posts about anything you find interesting.
    and i think maybe what i like above all is that you manage to turn even the most impossible situations, like a breakup, into something witty and even funny. it’s easy to relate to you (maybe because i just turned 30 and feel like my life is upside down?) and lovely to read your thoughts, hopes, fears and general considerations.
    your blog is one of those that make me consider having my own blog to explore and communicate 🙂 it’s still so weird and amazing to me that this new world we live in can connect people from opposite sides of the world! (i’m in portugal :))
    even if this comment wasn’t very helpful, i hope you keep doing what you’re doing (minus the hiatus) and have fun with it 🙂
    have a fantastic new year! *

  • Hi Caroline,
    happy New Year honey! I love reading about true feelings. If you’re in love with a boy, a book, a new lipstick or your dog, or if you’re not in love at all… just keep on writing!
    Lots of love

  • You have such a beautiful, fresh, honest, funny voice – I am so happy I found this blog! I also live in Brooklyn and in the middle of going through a divorce at 32 a year after getting married (12 years together). It is my choice – we are better friends than married – and I am so sure of it, but it doesn’t make the future any less scary. I would love to read and talk about work/career, the differences that come with living in New York (I think they are sometimes huge),and how we can become more excited about the possibilities out there, with or without a partner or spouse.

  • Hi Caroline!

    Happy New Year!

    I started following you after you became an editor at CoJ and I’ve loved reading your fresh and witty posts.

    As for future content, I wholeheartedly agree with the other comments about more day-to-day stuff, quotidian struggles, etc. etc. As a fellow 30-year-old, I’m curious to see how you approach life more so than how to get a perfect milkmaid braid 🙂

    Here’s to all 2015 has to offer!

  • Hi Caroline,

    you are an insightful writer and are bravely putting your self out there. Love your blog just the way it is!

  • Hey Caroline!
    I’ve come to believe that bloggers sort of like online friends, people we can relate to, share fun/brilliant tips with, reflect on things we’re thinking/doing/feeling/observing. Like reading a book, when a blogger says something that you have also been thinking/feeling/seeing, that you agree with, or that makes you think, it’s an instant connection and it makes you want to keep reading. While this doesn’t supplant real life friendship, I think it’s what we’re all looking for in blogs.
    So, I’d love to hear what you’re watching (TV & movies), what you’re up to on the weekends, what your hobbies are (new and old), what are you reading (I have you to thank for Bad Feminist -fave book of the year!!). How do you handle friendships and other relationships? What do you do on evenings that you have to yourself? What are you eating? All the silly little stuff. As a fellow almost-30 year old who is single and pursuing my career (and has no kids!), I’d like more real representation of what ladies my age are up to. Some of my fave posts of yours are your book recs, your post on where are all the naked men (hehe, seriously?!), your make-up tips and recs, and all your funny musings.
    Basically, keep up your great work. And of course, we’d all love to hear from you as often as possible 😉

  • Victoria,

    Hi Caroline,

    So glad to see a new post! I’m so glad you were able to take some time and reflect, that’s so important. Like other commenters on this post, I think with your recent breakup you were given a golden opportunity! I think you could speak a lot to this topic, of people in their 30’s such as me, who are single, me too, and trying to figure it all out. Many of the blogs I read, all the women are my age, married, have or are having kids, and leading beautiful lives. While I love peeking into their dream lives it can be hard to relate sometimes. many times they have posts that are more aspirational then close to my real life. I would love to see posts about your living situation, about NYC, and navigating single life. But a post you did on Cup of Jo I really loved was the one about the different lipsticks you experimented with! That was fun. But honestly, anything you write has a great sense of humor and is always insightful and entertaining. Your writing style is what keeps me coming back! Not many bloggers are great with writing and reading yours is like reading a magazine article as well!

  • Ditto to pretty much all the things these ladies before me said. Your blog is lovely as are you. I went through a big (6 year) breakup at age 29. i can so relate. I am in a new relationship now, but not in the 30/perfect marriage/kids space where i actually thought i would be as i approach 31.

    happy new year! here’s to more posts in 2015!

  • Hi Caroline!
    Just wanted to say, I love your blog! Also, if you feel ready, I would love to hear your thoughts on coping with your breakup, and how to know when it’s right to move on. I recently went through a very serious break up of my own, and it would be great to hear from someone who knows what I’m going through. Happy New Year!

  • I love the content you have been posting. Your insights and advice are great to read, and your home decorating tips are fabulous!
    I’d love to read more about your life, how you handle daily life, and your outifits!! I love the clothes you wear! I haven’t read many blogs from the perspective of a woman my age and I really love yours!

  • Have you considered developing different content types? Maybe instead of more articles, try presenting your ideas as video or maybe even podcast.

  • I love your personal posts. They feel incredibly honest and honestly make me want to ask you to be my friend. And yes, the dog pics too are a fave.

  • Hi Caroline,

    I started following you when you started with Cup of Jo. Wanted to write and let you know that I love you writing – your blog and Instagram. Keep it up!

    Best from San Francisco,