I Cry a Little

January 20, 2015

I Love Lucy crying Hello I'm Flawed

Be honest.

Do you ever tear up at the weirdest, most inopportune times?

Sometimes, I cry at seemingly random moments and the other humans around me do not understand. Here, a roundup of surefire tear-inducing scenarios…

  • When people win prizes.
  • When people triumph, a la Susan Boyle. (Oh, just watch it again, you know you want to.)
  • Three-legged dogs/dogs whose back legs were supplanted with any sort of wheel contraption.
  • Dogs wearing an “adopt me” vest.
  • Seeing eye dogs — the nobility!
  • 2-D dogs staring back at me from ads that say MISSING or IN NEED OF A HOME.
  • Maybe just dogs? Yes, all dogs in general.
  • Viral wedding videos
  • …and viral proposal videos
  • Home makeovers (extreme or otherwise).
  • Makeover-makeovers, especially when they occur on daytime talk shows.
  • Every 28 days, in sync with the overall mood of my uterus.
  • Recycling. Yes, recycling makes me cry.
  • Listening to “The Greatest Love of All.” Which I do not do often. Because, you know, tears.
  • WRITING THIS POST. I cried like five times.

When doth you cry?

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  • I love this post- I have shared it with lots of friends over the past month. I cry about so many strange things too: my dad’s 14th birthday party, coworkers being too nice at work, people winning the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right…

    Anyway, this is a great blog, and I’m always happy to see when you post something new!

  • I cry when there is any kind of large song and dance number including an entire cast. It doesn’t have to be a sad song, either, it’s just all the pageantry that gets me. One Day More from Les Miz? Waterworks. *Also, I’m sure it’s completely weird to be commenting on a post from months ago, but I found your blog (via Cup of Jo, obvs), and you’re great! Enjoying it the way I enjoyed Cup of Jo back in the day.

  • Thank you for admitting you cry at proposals. I am such a sap that even in a comedy show when there’s a wedding I tear up, and my boyfriend always knows I do and makes fun of me! I don’t know why, it’s just so sweet to hear of a man that wants to spend the rest of his life with a woman, even if I know many marriages end in divorce.

  • I also found your blog thru cup of Jo, I love that blog and this one is great as well!

  • Hello. I once cried when I saw an old man drop an iceberg lettuce, then struggle to pick it up. I was the on the other side of a busy road, so couldn’t get it for him 🙁

  • I cry when I see or think about others in mild to severe physical or emotional pain. I cry when my parents leave. When I see a WWII vet. When a soldier is reunited with his or her dog. When I pause to daydream about the future. When two bad things (mild to severe) happen on the same day. I cry on books. About upsetting dreams. And of course, like everyone, when my uterus tells me to. I’m glad you wrote this post.