How to Become One With the Universe

January 14, 2015


Greetings from the other side of the flu.

I’ve spent the better part of the last week stuck at home, where my activities were seriously limited. The glare of screens was nauseating. Reading meant an instant headache. But one book was always tolerable: Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe.

It’s a bit like a graphic interpretation of an Eckhart Tolle book, or a talk with a sage friend that leaves you soothed and inspired.


The illustrations are beautiful, quirky and wise. It’s perfect to leaf through right before bed or just upon waking—a gentle reminder that we’re all connected, not matter how disconnected you may feel. There’s something so satisfying about feeding your eyes and your soul at the same time.

So on those days when you’re anxious about the general direction of your life but can’t make it to your local guru, just pick up this book. Problem. Solved.

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  • Caroline, I found your blog through A Cup of Jo and I must say I think we might be the same person. My name also starts with a C, I live with a (slightly less small) dog in an apartment in D.C., I am 31 and I am going through a heart-wrenching breakup. I just wanted to say that going through your blog has helped so, so much. In my current state I keep thinking that there must be something so wrong with me, and yet I look at you and you are gorgeous and funny and delightful and I feel a little like ok, self, if she is awesome and in the same place as you, maybe you’re not half-bad. Thanks for sharing and helping me feel like I’m not alone in my heartache/feeling old/general fear of where my life is going to go and why I’m not wherever I’m supposed to be yet.

  • I forgot to add that my dog also has an Aunt Emily (my best friend) who she stays with when I’m out of town. Spooky, right?

  • just read this post and purchased this book online- can’t wait to read it! thanks for the inspiration

  • Thank you for sharing! I purchased the book online (It’s pretty cheap!) and just received it in the mail today. I feel like this book would be perfect to read in the late evening with a glass of wine with candles. Is that cheesy?

  • Hi Caroline,

    Love your blog and your posts on Cup of Jo. Would love to hear what your all time favorite books are or what books have changed your life.

    Stay warm!