Hello, I’m Flawed.

December 28, 2013


Look! It’s not every day you find a half-eaten pita on the sidewalk.


Hello, my name is Caroline and I’m a blogaholic.

If you’re reading this blog, you might be like me.

Recipe blogs, beauty blogs, style blogs, shelter blogs… I never tire of glimpsing the lives of people who seem so remarkably together.

There are a number of symptoms associated with blogaholism:

  • Donning overly edited outfits
  • Anger when one’s sartorial ensembles are not captured by street style blogs
  • Compulsion to photograph all plated meals before they are eaten
  • Over-consumption of sponsored products
  • Constant need to re-arrange furniture or else to sigh dramatically when one’s home does not resemble an expertly curated palace
  • Curious feelings of inadequacy for not possessing a spacious house, chubby baby, large diamond, mad cooking skills, wardrobe worth the price of a small yacht, insert-rotating-insecurity-of-choice

It’s the last one–the inadequacy thing–that started to get to me.

You see, I’ll often find myself at a business lunch when the conversation suddenly and dramatically turns to ovaries and clocks. Or listening to a friend stress about the Martha-caliber execution of an upcoming social gathering, like the fate of the world depends on serving marshmallows in the shape of little mustaches.

And I will ask myself: whose standards are we holding ourselves to?

I appreciate decorating, fashion, entertaining, and obscenely expensive lip gloss as much as anyone. Show me a color-coordinated dessert table and I will react with more glee than is socially appropriate. But at a certain point, “aspirational” starts to feel a lot like “exhausting.”

And that is not fun.

Yes, blog-land is a nice place to visit, but it would also be cool to get a slice of the real. The almighty lifestyle blogger should be comfortable enough to admit that her famous chocolate chip cookies sometimes burn, or that her exceedingly cute dog sometimes poops on the floor. (Both true, as it were.)

Or imagine — here’s the kicker — if more bloggers were willing to share that they have real-life concerns beyond things like cookies and dog doo.

So here is my attempt at honesty. Thank you for reading.

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  • Thank you for being sincere and refreshingly candid. I’ve felt so the same about the blogosphere and the perfectness of it all is one of the biggest reasons why my own blog is so often badly neglected. ‘My life is soo messy to blog about.’ ‘I can’t afford $400 sweaters to blog about, etc., etc.’

    But! I have found my new favorite blog. Thanks, Caroline.

    P.S. My BFF lives in London and her name is Carolie, but I call her Caro.:)

  • I ask myself with the same question: whose standards are we holding ourselves to? Blogs seem to gain popularity because of the perfect life with beautiful look that is created for the mass, but we all tend to forget that it’s the edited version of life for public liking. I get confused…

  • I have to say, I love the name of your site! I agree that too much today is overly edited, so stop by my site sometime and see my non-edited, totally flawed photos and things 😉

    Also- I wouldn’t say you’re “flawed” – you’re real!


  • In writing my own blog, I often have a hard time distinguishing between what content adds positivity to the world, and what just adds to the noise – or worse – adds to the evils of our world (like mass consumerism, narcism, and ignorance).

    If I post a round up of cute winter boots, am I expressing my passion for fashion and craft, or am I encouraging people to buy things they don’t need, when they could be off helping someone in need, or learning something new, or having a real conversation with another human? Probably some of both.

    Thanks for connecting with this inner struggle that I think lots of bloggers must face.

  • Hi Caroline!
    I read your post about breaking up on another site, and I found it really relatable, so decided to check out your blog. I am so glad I did! I’ve already read the entire thing, and I have to say I really love it. Keep doing what you’re doing, and thanks for sharing bits of your life with us.

    xo, Kirsten

  • I love this! I have been contemplating how I could begin to incorporate some life lessons, real life issues and things I have learned along the way into my personal blog. I feel trapped by trying to make everything look perfect all the time (a problem I face in most aspects of my life) This has given me a little more confidence at stepping out of perfection and into real life. Thanks!

  • I appreciate how honest this post was. Glad you’re keepin’ it real, and inspiring others to do the same.


  • Hi, Caroline! Boy, am I happy to find your blog! (I saw your Instagram feed where you work 😉 and decided to stalk you… Haha. I’m sooo glad I did!)

    You blog is so refreshing, to say the least. Thank you for your candidness. Self-esteem is probably not the most valued characteristic anymore these days but I truly believe in it and I admire you for having such great self-esteem! I love your blog already and your outlook on life is so inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing, Caroline! 🙂

  • Bravo! And well said (or well written!). I must admit I suffer from ALL of the mentioned symptoms quite frequently and enjoyed reading your take on them. I stumbled upon your blog after reading your hilarious notes on looking like a j crew model over on Cup of Jo. Can’t wait to explore further!

  • I really like your honest but very interesting writing, hope you do more!