Eyelashes, Eyelashes Everywhere

January 20, 2014


I do not (yet) have children. On most days my inner monologue feels fairly conflicted as to whether I want a child or whether I sort of am one. But this piece on HuffPo still struck this non-parent to my core. (I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.) Because you see, besides all of the logistical considerations that have prevented me from having kids thus far, this is what really scares me.

How will I give my children, whether male or female, a balanced look at the world? It’s not as simple as outlawing Barbies or having frank conversations about sexist or violent video games. I’m not sure when it became the norm that all toys for little girls must boast voluminous hair and eyelashes, but it seems like the familiar toys of my youth have taken a frighteningly sexist turn. (Seriously, do even the ponies need Kardashian-caliber lashes?)

Parents, I’m curious to hear: is the toy landscape as depressing and biased as this makes it seem?

I love the idea of universal toys — beloved by ALL kids — that promote creativity and confidence in everyone who plays with them. (Hypothetical future babies: we are going to play with these and these. And it is going to be awesome.)

Image via Imgur.

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