Bad Advice

July 24, 2014

Woman's Life vintage magazine 1956

Before there were blogs, there were quarterly magazines. Before there was feminism, there was… something else entirely.

Behold: Woman’s Life, Winter Quarter 1956. Originally, I wanted to share some choice tidbits with you, but there is SO MUCH GOLD here that it inspired me to create a new series, featuring hilariously bad advice from vintage sources.

First up, this quick quiz…

You’re fun if…

1. You are ready to go places when your husband asks you
2. You don’t mind when plans must be changed
3. You find the things he plans fun for you
4. You save up the fun things to tell him when he comes home rather than the things which have gone wrong
5. You provide opportunities for good, hearty laughs
6. You can see the funny side of incidents such as burned toast rather than let them spoil the morning send-off
7. You enjoy a change of routine even without previous notification
8. You think his jokes are as funny as your own
9. You plan surprises that he especially enjoys
10. You let him know you enjoy his surprises.

Well, what do you think, ladies? Are you fun?!

Right after you’ve determined if you’re fun, ask yourself if you have an opinion and if that opinion matters. Then thank the heavens that it’s 2014.

This concludes today’s installment of Bad Advice. Stay tuned for such gems as “How to Run After a Man,” the immediately contradictory “Must a Girl Play Hard to Get?” and my personal favorite: “I Was a Lady with a Mustache.”


(Quiz excerpted from WOMAN’S LIFE, Winter Quarter 1956)

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